Artificial Intelligence is Only as Inclusive as its Creators

Meet our team of engineers and beauty lovers with experience at Google, Apple, Microsoft, GitHub, Spigit, Viacom and more.


Our team’s mission is to redefine the standard of beauty worldwide to match the full range of diversity in everyone’s skin.

Our Story

We were founded at Harvard Business School by Atima Lui in January 2016 during her final semester as an MBA student. Atima grew up in Topeka, Kansas, and as the dark-skinned daughter of a Sudanese refugee and Black activist mother, she understood at an early age how her complexion did not meet the conventional standards of beauty. She decided to challenge these standards, beginning with color cosmetics labeled the color "nude," which do not match 84% of the global population. With the help of her brother and software engineer Nyalia Lui, NUDEST launched NUDEMETER™ — proprietary computer vision technology that algorithmically matches a user's skin tone to beauty items online — from their parents’ couch.


Our Commitment to Unbiased Artificial Intelligence

When AI product teams are racially biased, the software they produce is likely to be racially biased, too.  In contrast,  our team at NUDEST is comprised predominantly of underrepresented minorities in tech. We are a team dedicated to solving AI’s racism problem by training and testing our skin tone matching algorithms with users of all skin tones.