We build skin tone matching technology for humans of every color


2 Years of Research

Items labeled the color "nude" do not match 84% of the global population. That's why we built NUDEMETER: patent-pending skin tone matching technology that utilizes 2 years of research into photo analytics, computer vision, color theory, and product data in order to match you with the beauty and fashion items that complement your unique complexion while taking into account your undertones as well as your natural reaction to sun exposure.

Using our colorimeter to perfect our algorithm.png

Thousands of Real Skin Tone Scans

Launched to the public in 2016, our web application NUDEMETER has connected thousands of people to lingerie, hosiery, shapewear, footwear and beauty products that match their skin tone.  We've synthesized these scans of real human skin into a language that represents the full range of diversity in everyone's skin.