Editor's Picks

We search store shelves and beauty counters around the world for the best makeup and fashion items that meet the needs of a wide range of skin tones -- because beautiful people come in all complexions. Here are our latest favorites.


The LipavenΓΌ Coco Set

Headquartered in London, LipavenΓΌ Cosmetics is a cruelty free makeup brand specializing in lip products that leave you with soft, moistruized, and gorgeously polished lips. Their Coco Set provides the perfect nude range for women with Light, Medium, Deep, and Rich skin tones.

Lingerie by Love and Nudes

Love and Nudes produces seamless and wire-free nude lingerie for women with Medium, Deep, and Rich skin tones. Their intimates are produced in Colombian factories dedicated to providing fair wages and employing single mothers, giving them a chance to support their families in just working conditions.