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ALGOFACE X MeSpoke Partner to Launch Product Auto-Tagging

ALGOFACE X MeSpoke Partner to Launch Product Auto-Tagging

New Features Will Enhance the Ability of a Leading Innovator in the Beauty and Fashion-App Industry to Reward ‘Individuality’

Oct. 3, 2019: AlgoFace, the innovator at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and computer vision for face-related applications, including virtual makeup try-on, face analysis, and emotion detection, has announced a partnership with MeSpoke, a technology company recognized internationally for its leadership in retail merchandising and marketing.

The teams are launching product auto-detection features, allowing MeSpoke users to experience intelligent auto-tagging with the upload of visual content to its platform. MeSpoke CEO Sid Hasan pointed out that product auto-tagging will harness his company’s strengths to “shrink the find-buy cycle” and emphasize MeSpoke’s goals to create “social evangelists” and reward “individuality.”

AlgoFace’s Chief Marketing Officer Atima Lui added, “This exciting partnership enables us to further AlgoFace’s mission to build the most accurate, unbiased face AI in the world. Bringing product auto-tagging to MeSpoke allows us to empower consumers and brands to engage more deeply while simultaneously generating rich data insights.” 

AlgoFace’s expertise in AI-based visual recognition, computer vision, and machine learning technology will be incorporated. As a result, when MeSpoke application users upload visual-content, the algorithm will have the capability to detect key elements such as apparel, beauty products, and eventually brand logos. AlgoFace’s Chief Technology Officer Taleb Alashkar pointed out, “Marrying the art of beauty and fashion with the science of artificial intelligence is a very exciting problem that we are advocating and pushing to the next level at AlgoFace.”

“AI is the future for MeSpoke, and our proprietary technology gives every person in the world the opportunity to become a brand’s or retailer’s incented social evangelist,” explained Hasan, “Our technology is uniquely capable of capturing metadata from pictures of products, and then – if a scrolling consumer is interested in buying a given product – he or she gets taken directly to the manufacturer or the retailer.”

MeSpoke’s Head of Product Paulie Sekander noted the AI building block is a key ingredient to fully automate the tagging process. “Auto-tagging will enable us to utilize powerful AI recommendations and better map consumer DNA,” said Sekander. “Accurate automated tagging will provide us with community insights and allow for incentivized user-generated content – all without the use of third-party data.”

About AlgoFace

AlgoFace is a leading developer of cutting-edge technology at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision, and augmented reality (AR) for face-related applications including virtual makeup try-on, face analysis, emotion detection, face detection and tracking, and more. A division of Algo, Inc., AlgoFace is a pioneer in combining deep learning with machine vision to create highly immersive, on-the-edge AI/AR experiences providing real-time, continuous in-browser experience for retailers and customers for both mobile and web browsers. The company’s mission is to build the most accurate and unbiased face AI in the world.

About MeSpoke

MeSpoke is a social engagement platform created to recognize and reward individuals for brand loyalty. The company’s utility patent-pending technology creates a unique direct-to-consumer channel, resulting in extraordinary and unprecedented consumer insights and engagement – all from one platform. MeSpoke rewards every individual’s personalized influence. In addition to being named as a ‘Company to Watch,’ by Forbes, MeSpoke was among the top-five in the world of Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Retail Merchandising and Marketing (2017). For retail and brand partnerships, visit MeSpoke Partnerships or e-mail Paulie Sekander at

For further information:

AlgoFace Media Contact:

Atima Lui, Chief Marketing Officer

MeSpoke Media Contact:

Michael Tucker, Plumbline Public Affairs 

(202) 744-6116


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