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Full Face of Makeup with Black Roots

Full Face of Makeup with Black Roots

Companies are finally listening to consumers of color, shade ranges are expanding and makeup inclusivity is becoming the new standard. While we are all for the positive changes in the beauty community, this Black History Month we are highlighting people and companies that have valued inclusivity from the start. Here is a full face of makeup using only black-owned makeup brands.

1. Skin Prep + Primer: Ayele & Co. – Founded by Danielle Bahi

Let’s just say Ayele & Co. gives you options! Whether your skin prep includes moisturizers, exfoliating scrubs or toners, they have everything you need to make sure your face is ready for a full beat. If you want to go the traditional route, they also have makeup primers for dry and oily skin.

2. Foundation: Beauty Bakerie – Founded by Cashmere Nicole

Known for their cute baking themed products, Beauty Bakerie lets you have your cake and eat it too with their Cake Mix demi-matte foundation. Their formula is medium-to-full coverage and comes in 30 shades. It can also be paired with their face oil for dry skin.

3.  Concealer: APDG – Founded by Rhonda M. Davis

Initially intended for professional use, APDG nude pigments went viral for their amazing shade range. Now in 40 shades, these multi use pigments can highlight the fairest and contour the richest of skin tones. They are perfect for concealer, but can be used as foundation and mixing mediums too.

4.  Contour + Bronzer: KOYVOCA – Founded by Courtney Coates

It’s no secret that bronzers and contours are some of the hardest products to find for deep and rich skin tones. KOYVOCA’s Beach Filter bronzer comes in four warm shades (that are not too red or orange!) and are some of the deepest bronzers on the market. Their contour powder comes in six cool shades that work for fair to rich skin tones without pulling too grey. No more using eyeshadows!

5.  Setting Powder: IMAN Cosmetics – Founded by Iman

To preserve all the your work (and blending!), setting your face with IMAN Cosmetics will give your makeup a lasting power. IMAN’s Second to None semi-loose powder works for tan to rich skin tones and comes in minimal-mess packaging. For something more lightweight, try their Luxury Translucent Powder.

6.  Brows: B’ellegant – Founded by Breiana Belle

Whether you are team brow pomade or brown pencil, B’ellegant brow products are pigmented enough for a sharp and precise brow look. They come shades for blonde, auburn and brunette hair colors.

7.  Eyeshadow: The Crayon Case – Founded by Raynell Steward (aka Wuzzam Supa)

After going viral for their Box of Crayons eyeshadow palette, the schools supplies themed brand has added another one to the backpack. Their Matte Book eyeshadow palette is the best of both worlds – full of color with room for extra-large neutral transition shades.

8.  Eyeliner: Pat McGrath Labs – Founded by Pat McGrath

Auntie Pat came through with this felt tip eyeliner! The Pat McGrath Perma Precision liquid eyeliner is easy to control with an ultra-fine tip that makes winged eyeliner a breeze. It is jet black and waterproof to add an edge to a glam look.

9.  Mascara: Glamazon Beauty – Founded by Kim Baker

For an everyday mascara, Glamazon Beauty’s Lash Couture lengthening mascara is buildable without clumping up or flaking off and ruining your look. It works well with or without added lashes to give length in a few strokes.

10.  Blush: Juvia’s Place – Founded by Chichi Eburu

They might be known for their pigmented eyeshadow palettes, but Juvia’s Place blush palettes hold their own. The Saharan Blush Palette Vol. I and II have pink, coral and red blushes with highlighters to match. Even better, they can double as eyeshadow palettes!

11. Highlighter: Nine Three Beauty – Founded by Cordia Blackett

Looking to branch out from wearing only gold highlighters? Nine Three Beauty will help get you out of their comfort zone with their pink and rose gold colored highlighters. Their best selling ‘Confetti’ shade is a rainbow mix of shades that doesn’t look too icy on darker skin tones.

12.  Lipstick: Mented – Founded by KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson

From matte lipsticks to lip gloss, Mented has a variety of perfect brownie nudes that range from opaque to sheer. Pair them with a matching lipliner for extra longevity or skip the nudes altogether and go for one of their universally flattering red shades.

13.  Setting Spray: BEE-Q-BOX – Founded by Brianna Queen

For a natural glow with extra benefits, BEE-Q-BOX’s Illuminating F*ckboy Repellent* setting spray comes without the shimmer or the childish games. The spray also comes in gold and silver hues that work on different skin tones and skin types.

* Also works on F*ckgirls, bad vibes and scammers.

Artwork by Susannah Price.

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