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5 Ways to Go Green With Your Makeup Routine

5 Ways to Go Green With Your Makeup Routine

From the yoga mat to the juice bar, we are starting to care more about how we treat our bodies, inside and out. What we put on our face is no exception!

Once a niche market, natural-based makeup is catering to an increasingly large and diverse market. Valued at 11.06 billion in 2016, the global market is projected to reach 21.78 billion by 2024.1 Brands like Plain Jane Beauty, Kosas, and Rituel De Fille have products that compliment a wide range of skin tones. W3LL PEOPLE and Pacifica (their affordable skincare is great!) are available in-store at Target. Still, going green is not just about what we buy, but what we do with what we already have. Transitioning to an all-natural makeup routine may not be possible for everyone, but there are easy ways to work with what you’ve got and incorporate sustainable beauty practices into your everyday makeup habits.

Here are a few simple tips to go green with your makeup routine without breaking the bank.

1.  Pan Your Makeup

With enough pan porn to keep you busy for weeks and a growing panning community, the goal is simple: use up the products you’ve already purchased. Set goals to hit pan on makeup you already have (powders are particularly easy!) and keep track of your progress. Seeing the sliver of that silver pan is truly a cathartic experience.

2.  Dupe it Out

New product caught your eye? Look through your collection first to see if you have something similar. Beautiful packaging and artful color arrangements sometimes make all the difference, but you may already have a dupe in your makeup stash ready to go. Sites like Temptalia are great for finding dupes.

3.  Keep Fewer Back-ups

The fear of running out of a certain products is real, especially when it’s your part of your signature look. Still, you should only buy a backup when you start running out. More often than not though, these products will still be available to purchase at a later date – even those “limited edition” ones usually make comeback. Keep in mind that makeup does expire and something sitting in your drawer for too long may start to go bad before you get around to it.

4.  Make Things Multi-use

Get creative! Makeup doesn’t have to be branded as multipurpose for your to use it in different ways. Use the same brush to apply and blend foundation, use concealers as eyeshadow bases, use powder blushes and highlighters as eyeshadows. Some liquid lipsticks can even be used as eyeliner. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure anything you put around your eyes is considered eye safe.

5. DIY It

Makeup DIYs can be as simple as mixing aloe vera and purified water to make your own setting spray. There are tons of recipes online to make everything from lip tints to cream blushes and gel eyeliner with regular household products. You can even mix your new creations in the packaging from products you have already panned. It’s a win-win.

* According to Statista:

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