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Match your customers’ skin tones. Directly from your website. Without downloading any apps.

NUDEST Joins Forces with AlgoFace

NUDEST Joins Forces with AlgoFace

At NUDEST, our mission is to change the standard of beauty worldwide to match the full range of diversity in everyone’s skin. Since founding the company during my final semester at Harvard Business School, we have worked to achieve this mission by launching NUDEMETER: the first-ever skin tone matching computer vision technology for the fashion and color cosmetics industries, which requires no app downloads in order to use.

Our beauty tech company has always been unique. From the beginning we have built and trained the selfie-powered artificial intelligence behind NUDEMETER in an unbiased, gender-inclusive, age-inclusive, and racially-inclusive manner. We’ve been able to do this thanks to the demographics of our team, which I am so proud to say is comprised predominantly of women and people of color. We are techies, beauty junkies, and minorities in tech who are deeply passionate about creating a future of AI products that work for all people and disrupt industries.

It is with great excitement that I announce today that team NUDEST will be continuing its work of pushing the inclusive future of AI forward as part of the AlgoFace team. Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, AlgoFace is a cutting-edge computer vision and artificial intelligence company founded two years ago by Taleb Alashkar, PhD. Taleb is a pioneer in combining deep adversarial learning with machine vision to create highly immersive augmented reality solutions. AlgoFace is a division of Algo, Inc., an 11-year-old AI supply chain optimization company with Fortune 500 customers across the retail and media and entertainment industries.


AlgoFace has launched three core products to date: a facial landmark tracking software development kit that detects and tracks the natural movement of the human face across 209 landmark points in real time; a face attributes analyzer that accurately classifies the human face among 20 different traits; and a virtual makeup try-on solution that allows a user to try on foundation, blush, eye liner, eye shadow, lipstick, and more with augmented reality.

There are many synergies between NUDEST and AlgoFace. Our NUDEMETER will be integrating with AlgoFace’s virtual makeup try-on technology to offer the beauty industry a groundbreaking AR technology that empowers users to discover the best products for their skin tone as well as try them on in real time. NUDEST’s location in New York City enables AlgoFace to be physically closer to the beauty capital of the U.S. as well as other potential customers in the coming months. Finally, we are bringing NUDEST’s marketing and brand-building expertise to AlgoFace with a vision of elevating our combined team’s global recognition.

With the above synergies in mind, NUDEST is rebranding under the AlgoFace name, I am joining AlgoFace as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, and the rest of our fantastic NUDEST team will remain here in New York City with me. We will be focused on integrating NUDEMETER with AlgoFace Virtual Makeup Try-On, building our new brand name, and continuing to drive sales of our beauty technology – which just got even better now that we are part of the AlgoFace team.

Our vision has always been to deploy incusive AI technologies that change beauty standards to match the full range of diversity in human skin. We will continue to work toward this goal as part of an even larger mission and opportunity for global impact as part of AlgoFace.


As a direct result of our partnership, our focus areas have increased to include the deployment of AR, VR, and AI enterprise tech applications that require human motion and emotion detection not just for the beauty and fashion industries, but more broadly across retail, media and entertainment, transportation and logistics, and more.


What’s our new mission, you ask?

Be the most accurate and trusted face AI in the world.

Let’s do this.


Atima Lui

Chief Marketing Officer of AlgoFace

Founder of NUDEST

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