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A Black Girl's Beauty Box

A Black Girl's Beauty Box

In theory, a quality subscription box is a blessing. They’re extremely convenient. They let you sample hundreds of products on a budget. And they’re delivered right to your door! The only problem is that when you’re a woman of color, popular beauty boxes like Birchbox and Ipsy can miss the mark on your makeup needs. I’ve felt the disappointment of waiting a month for my glam gift, only for the product shades to not match my skintone. So when I heard about Onyxbox, I was immediately excited! (And I’m willing to sign up for any subscription that includes samples of ORS products!)

We Are Onyx is a WOC owned company that “care[s] about curl definition, clear healthy skin and non-ashy makeup just as much as you do.” In their $25/mo subscription boxes, subscribers receive full-sized products that are all natural, black owned, and skin tone friendly! I also had the opportunity to interview We Are Onyx’s Co-Founder and Head of Product, Delali Kpodzo! Without any further ado, here’s my review of the Onyxbox:


First of all, the packaging was AMAZING. Everything from the illustration, to the tissue paper on the inside, showed how much care was put into giving the customer a great experience right from the start.

Photo taken by me

Photo taken by me


Here’s what I received in my Onyxbox:

Everyday Botanicals - Hair Nourishment Oil (Retail: $4.50)

Hair oil (1).jpg

I was surprised to see this in there, because it was the first time I’ve ever seen a hair oil in a beauty subscription. I tried it for a week and was happy with the results. My hair smelled great, felt healthy, and had a nice shine to it. If I just came across this oil in the store I would definitely give it another shot. 7/10

Cane & Austin – Glycolic Acid Miracle Pads (Retail: $10)


I have used glycolic acid pads in the past and these were quite similar. Since I have young skin, I wasn’t able to notice if they reduced the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines like advertised. However, I did like it as a toner as well as the how clean and glowy my skin felt afterwards. I would give the Miracle Pads a 7/10 based purely on how they toned and refreshed my skin.

Passport to Beauty – Bird’s Nest & Pearl Sheet Mask (Retail: $18)


I was skeptical of the mask when I saw its price point, but it turned out to be my favorite item in the box. From the luxurious packaging, to the ingredients, to the international elements, this mask made me feel like a Goddess. My skin was crazy moisturized! I wouldn’t have normally bought this mask because of the price, so I appreciated it even more for being included in the box. Next time I want to treat myself I know what to get! 10/10

Doucce Cosmetics – Custom Curated Eyeshadow Palette (Retail $35)

This palette had pigment for days! Not only did the colors show up on my skin tone extremely well, they actually complimented it. The matte color has become a part of my daily makeup routine. The palette was one of the pricier items in the list, but the customizable aspects and the color pay off of the shadows makes it almost worth it to me. Again, of course I’m glad it was included in the box so I didn’t have to pay retail. 9/10

Luxie Beauty – Rose Gold Tapered Highlighting Face Brush (Retail $24)

Luxie Beauty Highlighting Brush

Luxie makeup brushes are vegan and cruelty free! We don’t usually think about the ethics surrounding our makeup products, so I appreciated that by including this brush Onyx brings attention to the topic. The highlighting brush is one of the products that I felt I would buy if I came across it in the store. It’s a stylish quality brush that gets the job done. 7.5/10

Specific Beauty – Lighten & Brighten Cream (Retail $45)

eye cream

I was excited to see the eye cream in the box because the darkness under my eyes has always made me feel self-conscious. I didn’t notice any major change in the darkness under my eyes in the week I tested the products for, but they did feel slightly less puffy. I feel like I would have to test it out for longer to give a fair assessment, but for now I give the cream a 7/10.

Iman Cosmetics – Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick (Retail $10)

Talk about a strong red lip! I got major color pay off in about three swipes of this lipstick. Although I don’t usually wear red lipstick (or glossy lipstick), this one made me wonder “why not?” The formula felt smooth and moisturizing. And I got compliments while wearing it! There was some transfer onto my coffee mug and food, and the color was there to stay. 8/10

Ittsē – ‘St. Tropez’ Illuminating Powder (Retail $10)

The illuminator isn’t quite a highlight but it does give the skin a bit of a natural sparkle and shine. I wasn’t getting that gleaming for the Gods look like I usually aim for with my highlighter, but I did get a little sparkle.  6/10

Doucce Cosmetics – Punk Mascara (Retail $22)


This mascara! This was another product that surprised me how much I loved it. The formula went smoothly on my lashes without leaving any clumps. And when I was done applying it my lashes had a darker and fuller look to them. A simple mascara that doesn’t make my eyelashes look like a spider on my face. 10/10 all the way!


Overall I was extremely happy with my experience with Onyxbox! I felt it was money well spent when it came down to the value of the (full sized) items in the box vs. how much was paid for it. I appreciated that there was a little bit of everything; something for my hair, my face, my makeup, and just a little bit of luxury. I also enjoyed that the box made me think about adding things to my beauty routine that I had never tried before. I’m excited to see what Onyxbox does in the future!

If you give the box a try, let us know! Tweet us pictures and your thoughts @nudest_co

Also, check out our interview with Onyx Co-Founder and Head of Product, Delali Kpodzo!

We Are Onyx is Bringing you your “Gateway to Beauty”

We Are Onyx is Bringing you your “Gateway to Beauty”

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