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Submit Your Selfies

and help us combat racial bias in artificial intelligence

Most facial recognition software struggles to accurately identify people of all skin tones

When engineering teams are racially biased, the software they produce is likely to be racially biased, too.  In contrast,  our team at NUDEST is comprised predominantly of people of color and women who are dedicated to celebrating the full range of diversity in human skin. We're solving the artificial intelligence racism problem by training our skin tone matching algorithms on selfies that represent all skin tones -- and we could use your help. In return, we will randomly select a selfie contest participant for a feature about themselves on our Naked Truths blog and a shout out on our social media (don't worry, we won't use your selfies)!

Submit your selfies to help us improve our technology!

  • Selfies should be of your own face
  • Wearing little or no makeup
  • In plenty of natural light
  • Smiles, poker faces and duck faces welcome
  • Enter to win a feature on our Naked Truths blog
  • Selfies will never be shared publicly, or with a third party

The more selfies you submit, the greater your chance to win. Feel free to submit the contest form as many times as you'd like. You can read the submission rules here.