Why Beyonce's Vogue Cover Is So Important

Vogue has confirmed that Beyonce has had a great deal of artistic liberty with this years September issue. Reports state that Beyonce had unprecedented control. True to form, she did not taken this opportunity lightly. She chose to be photographed by 23 year old Tyler Mitchell, the first black photographer to ever shoot a Vogue cover.

The Model Diversity Project Promotes Inclusion in the Fashion Industry

The first installment from the campaign, for which Crosse and Michael served as creative directors with assistance from acclaimed hair stylist Yancey Edwards and stylist Steffany Allen, is a photo shoot (shot by Ken Robinson) that features models of different sizes, ages, and races. The social media campaign highlights these models in an editorial manner to shutdown the notion that beauty comes in one package.

Teens Championing the Fight for Inclusion

In our ever evolving and changing world, new issues arise that draw attention to the infinite faults in our society. The fight for inclusion in all senses has been an uphill battle for centuries. In 2018, there are countless people striving for inclusion in the fashion industry, in the workplace, in school, and elsewhere.