Blackface: A Trend in Politics and Beauty

Now that summer has officially landed, stocking up on bronzers and self-tanners feels almost customary among the beauty set. And while a lovely golden sheen whether real or enhanced by products can be a delightful summer addition to one’s look, there seems to be a troubling trend in both beauty and politics: blackface.

The Era of Cancel Culture in Beauty

Cancel culture: Does it work? Who determines if the action is a forgivable mistake or too awful to come back from? As the beauty industry has become a top vertical on social media, cancel culture has increasingly become embedded within the industry, sparking confusion and division on all sides.

Nominate Your Brand for Future NUDEST Awards

The NUDEST Awards recognize and celebrate makeup brands who make skin tone diversity a priority. And now, you can be a part of it too! We are officially accepting applications for our NUDEST Awards and want to give you the opportunity to showcase your company's diversity. Here’s everything you need to know before you sign up.