Fenty Beautyโ€™s Latest Launch is a Great Example of How to Handle Backlash

That Rihanna reign just wonโ€™t let up. With Fenty Beautyโ€™s latest launch came the usual hype and for the first time since the brandโ€™s launch two years ago, controversy. Their new Sun Stalkโ€™r Instant Warmth Bronzer comes in a โ€˜ground-breakingโ€™ eight shades, but one of their newest KillaWatt highlighters, named โ€œGeisha Chic,โ€ was abruptly pulled from the launch.

5 Ways to Go Green With Your Makeup Routine

From the yoga mat to the juice bar, we are starting to care more about how we treat our bodies, inside and out. What we put on our face is no exception! Still, going green is not just about what we buy, but what we do with what we already have. Here are a few simple tips to go green with your makeup routine without breaking the bank.